Axe Axe, Baby: Urban Axe Throwing in London

Axe Axe, Baby: Urban Axe Throwing in London

Winter blues setting in? Christmas is over, it’s January and everyone around you seems to be re-evaluating their life and completely broke. If you’re looking for something to shake things up and have fun in the process, why not give urban axe throwing a go. Yep, you read that right – axe throwing. When I first told people I was going doing this, I faced looks of pure disbelief and one asked if I was going to be throwing axes at actual people! Yes it’s a thing. No people are not targets.

Whistle Punks axe throwing Whistle Punks axe throwing

Whistle Punks is the first and only urban axe throwing venue in the UK, located in Whitechapel, East London. It is in a massive warehouse home also to a mini arcade featuring laser tag and a bar. The site features two lanes with two painted wooden targets at the end of each one for some friendly competition. I was excited to try something completely different and I wasn’t disappointed, I loved it! I can’t explain the feeling of swinging a heavy axe and watching it whistling towards the target, only to have it miss completely…

As there was only three of us, we were put into a larger group; everyone was lovely and it created a bit of fun rivalry. For your money you get one and a half hours of axe throwing fun consisting of demonstrations on how to throw axes (trust me, it’s so much harder than you think!), some practice time and then tournament mode kicks in.

axe throwing scoreboard

(This is me being the most trustworthy person in the group and being in charge of tournament scoring.)

throwing axes

The hardest thing about throwing axes is getting them to stick in the target! And it doesn’t count if it hits the bulls-eye then rebounds onto the floor, y’know, so I’m told. It takes a while to find your rhythm and work out the best way to throw your axe but if you manage to get that coveted bulls-eye then it’s totally worth it, especially if you hit it during the tournament – 5 points, anyone? If you want to make axe throwing a regular pastime, they are looking to set up a league soon so you could be crowned Champion of All Axes or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays.

You can find Whistle Punks at 22-36 Raven Row, Whitechapel, E1 2EG and have to book in advance on their website. Pricing is £22/£20 (off-peak/peak) and they will put you with others to form a big group. If you have a group already, book for 15 people to get a lane to yourself.
Exciting news, they now also have a location in Deansgate, Manchester opening on 1st February 2017 – go axe crazy!  


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