The Best View of the London Skyline For Free

The Best View of the London Skyline For Free

I think I’m falling out of love with London. Maybe it’s the gloom and dreariness of the winter months, when my heart longs for sunshine and the sound of waves hitting a sandy beach. Maybe I’m just sick of the millions of people on the tube every day jostling as if their journey is more important than anyone else’s. But every now and again I am greeted with reminders of why London is pretty great, from something as simple as the view from Waterloo Bridge to something bigger like the banding together during the recent terrorist attack and the impressive work by the Police force. My absolute favourite thing, however, is London town bathed in sunshine, the rays bouncing off the impressive architecture and skylines that can’t fail to make you smile.

This month I wanted to do something for #take12trips challenge but since we spent money on a hotel for a weekend away in Bournemouth last month and are off to Prague for a week next month, I wanted something cheap, or even better free! Did you know you can get glorious views of London, like this, for free simply by visiting Sky Garden, 35 floors above the city?

london skyline

All it takes is a bit of planning – go online here and then pick a time and book it. That’s it! You can book up to three weeks in advance but you have to be quick if you want weekend times, as those ones go pretty fast. If you want to make a restaurant booking, you can do that instead but I just wanted to head up there and check out the view. If you do the free visit, you can still visit the two bars up there, without reservations. Bear in mind also, that you have to put your bag through a scanner and walk through a metal detector to go up so don’t take anything you don’t want confiscated.

If you live in London and haven’t gone up to Sky Garden yet, you should definitely add it to your list. And if you live outside of the city, why not throw it on your itinerary for your next visit to the capital. Trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you can coincide it with the somewhat elusive Spring sunshine. I still haven’t been up The Shard (another thing that’s on my list!) but someone told me they prefer the view from the Sky Garden because you can see the Shard from it; it’s like how I much prefer the view from Top of the Roc in NYC to the view from the Empire State Building. Also, fun fact – and one of my favourite London facts – the building that houses the Sky Garden is affectionately known at the ‘walkie talkie’ building because of its shape. The reason that many of the buildings in the City of London area – such as the Shard, the ‘cheese grater’ etc, – have such unusual shapes is because the view of St Paul’s is a protected view. This means that no building surrounding it can block that view, hence the creative way the buildings are designed. Genius.

Here’s a few more photos of London in that gorgeous Spring sunshine to convince you to add Sky Garden to your next London itinerary:

london skyline

View from the top of Sky Garden



london skyline, tower bridge

london skyline st pauls

Sky Garden

sky garden london


Where’s your favourite view of London? What is your favourite city skyline? Let me know in the comments below!


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In London and wanting the best view of that gorgeous skyline on a budget? Well don't worry because you can view London from the 35th Floor of the Sky Garden for free!


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