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Feet in the sand

Dipping my feet in the sea in Split

Hi I’m Nicole, a travel blogger living in London. By day I work in HR for a speciality coffee company and well, by night I blog about my travel experiences, dreams and ideas to help other 9-5ers make travel a priority in their lives.

Looking out at the sea in Santa Monica

Looking out at the sea in Santa Monica, California

The first time I remember being on a plane was 5 years old on the way to Canada; unfortunately the only other things I remember were playing in the sand at the golf course whilst we attended a family wedding and drinking from a teddy bear bottle. I am privileged to have grown up with parents who love travelling, which means I’ve been to every continent except Antartica (it’s on my bucketlist, so maybe one day!) and gained a love of exploring new places.

I went to university and studied English because I love reading and in my second year I spent the summer doing Camp America in a Girl Scout camp in Rhode Island. I absolutely loved it! After uni, when I eventually moved back to London I spent my days working in Central London in the likes of Oxford Street and my Friday nights out spending all the money I’d earned. But my brain was ticking and I had a plan to go teach English in South Korea and then live in Australia for a year with the money I’d saved from teaching. As is always the way, love intervened…

Me and Blaze in Prague

Being silly at Prague Castle

I had to make a decision between staying and leaving and staying won. I know they always say you should leave and I think this is the only definitive fork in the road of my life. However, now I have a wonderful girlfriend of six years to adventure with and a home base to come back to so, thankfully, it worked out! I also spent that  time where I was not teaching in S. Korea playing competitive roller derby for the London Rockin’ Rollers. Playing games all over the UK and Europe, alas sometimes a whistle stop tour of the city we were in, was pretty damn awesome too, so no regrets. Blaze is epileptic so it adds an extra thing to think about on our travels. In light of this, I have written an important post about travelling with epilepsy and what you should do if you see someone having a seizure.

In June last year I turned vegan, which has actually been easier than I anticipated so I’m currently enjoying trying all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants when I go abroad and figuring out which countries or cities aren’t so vegan friendly! (I would never not go but it does take that little bit of extra planning.) Plus last December, I had my first ever vegan kebab, actually my first kebab ever, in Munich. And you can read about my experiences in Vegas as a vegan here or read my Prague Vegan Guide to reassure yourself that vegans definitely eat more than just salad.

Gluhwein in Munich

Drinking gluhwein in Munich

Working for a speciality coffee company for three years means I’ve also become somewhat of a coffee snob so I love checking out the local coffee scene when I visit somewhere new – though I’ve also been known to take coffee and my trusty aeropress along for the ride too.

Travelling and exploring news cities and countries runs in my blood, it’s part of who I am and I love that. I want to make travel a priority in my life again, as I feel like I lost it somewhere along the way and I blog to help anyone who feels like they want to travel more but aren’t sure how. My blog name comes from a song by Miranda Lambert (one of my favourite country artists) called The House That Built Me.

You leave home and you move on and you do the best you can
I got lost in this old world and forgot who I am

Travelling is part of me and I don’t plan on losing myself again anytime soon.

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Extra Stuff:

  • I love skylines and sunsets.
  • I love the beach and the ocean.
  • I love Disney and Christmas.
  • I love reading and the smell of old and new books.