2016 Travel: Looking Back

2016 Travel: Looking Back

We are nearly halfway though January so this post is perhaps a tiny bit late but I still wanted to think back to last year. 2016 was a good year travel-wise – I didn’t get to tick too many places off or make many trips but those I did meant I ended up in places that made my heart smile and that on cold dreary days in London I find myself yearning to be back in.

The mistake I did make however, was to book all my trips for the end of the year. I am aiming not to do that this year as it was torture not going away until October; though I was actually due to go on my first trip to Switzerland in August that due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel.

In October we went to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, both of which I have been before but this time I got to experience so many new things and fit so much in including Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas (my first festival outside of the UK) and DISNEYLAND. I loved it and after 18 days of sunshine, I definitely didn’t want to return to England! I’m not sure I can pick a favourite memory from this trip but highlights definitely included:

  • getting to watch so many amazing artists at Route 91 Harvest with the backdrop of the Vegas strip. I will forevermore remember watching the sun set on Luxor whilst surrounded by good friends and live music. It was perfect. I also got to stay at Excalibur, which I’ve wanted to do since I visited Vegas when I was younger. Yep, I got to stay in a castle, in the Royal Tower no less, with a view of the main stage. Nailed it.
  • finding out that being vegan in Las Vegas is actually not as hard as I thought.
  • DISNEYLAND. DISNEYLAND, DISNEYLAND!! We racked up an impressive 33 hours over 3 days in the parks and I wouldn’t change any of it. I got to meet so many characters, go on all the rides I wanted to (including Haunted Mansion Holiday, which I highly recommend), experience the parks with their colourful Halloween decorations and be a part of that Disney magic, just for a bit. I utterly adored it and cannot wait until I have a chance to go back again.
  • The wonder that is Santa Monica. Santa Monica absolutely stole my heart. Our hostel was one block from the beach and we had a good few days taking it easy in the Californian sunshine with a break for a 4 hour LA tour and a day at Universal Studios. Watching the sunset whilst sitting on the beach was heaven.

Santa Monica Pier

We were only back a few weeks before we were boarding a plane for a few days in Munich (more about this in a later post). This was the first time I got to experience Christmas Markets in another country so I’m glad I picked Germany. It was lovely and served to get me into even more of a Christmas mood, in fact I came back confused as to why I couldn’t get hot mugs of glühwein on every corner!

Gluhwein in Munich


2016, thanks for the memories.

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